Adult ADHD

Are you or a loved one adult struggling with ADD/ADHD?
Do you wonder if you have Adult ADHD but aren’t sure?


Are you experiencing problems with anxiety, panic attacks, or OCD?

Relationship Issues

Are you experiencing trust or communication problems in your relationship?

You may be feeling down or lonely. Your relationships may not be as healthy as you would like. You may be having trouble sleeping. You may be eating more or less than normal. You may even be having trouble at work or completing day-to-day chores.

You do not have to go through this alone.

I am John Pavco, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Therapist. I strive to make you feel safe and comfortable. I strongly believe that to be effective in what I do, there has to be a connection and relationship with my clients.

I focus on the positives and the solutions. Yes, you may be experiencing problems - problems which may seem like there is no way out. But we work together to focus on positive outcomes so you can live your life feeling good about yourself, your relationships and your future.

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